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8 Delicious Sandwiches In Toronto To Order Right Now

November 18, 2020

From fried chicken creations to Japanese breakfast sandos, the sandwiches in Toronto are so delicious that I’d write a song about them. 

Remember in 27 Dresses when Katherine Heigl’s character is dismayed to discover that her favourite wedding announcement writer is actual a huge cynic and says “I feel like I just found out my favourite love song was written about a sandwich“? That song exists. I wrote it.

Sandwiches make for the perfect compact meal, especially if you’ve run out of clean cutlery from eating all your meals at home. In fact, legend has it that sandwiches came about because a British nobleman, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, had a bit of a gambling problem and requested that his cook bring him something to eat that didn’t require him to leave the card table. True story.

It’s simple, portable, and there are endless variations of sandwiches in Toronto that you can grab for takeout and/or delivery right now that are easily devoured while binging every feel-good season of Queer Eye on Netflix. 

Here are the 8 sandwiches in Toronto that I have been ordering for takeout/delivery on REPEAT:

Shortrib Medianoche from La Cubana

You’d think that the best sandwich to take out from La Cubana would be, duh, a traditional cubano. While that crispy ham and cheese combo from this retro, family-run restaurant is delicious, the Short-rib Medianoche ($16) is where it’s at. Served in a soft bun, tender hunks of beef is braised in a sticky guava barbecue sauce drizzled with a zesty chimichurri sauce topped with crispy onion strings and red cabbage slaw for a welcome crunch. 

The first word I uttered after biting into the Mortadella on a Bun ($8) from Bar Piquette was an obscenity. It was that good. Upon biting into the soft milk bun from Thuet, luscious folds or mortadella, pickled fennel and garlic mayo, my tastebuds were in heaven. Deceptively simple yet super indulgent, it’s definitely one of the best sandwiches in Toronto to order for takeout right now. Order 3 at a time and DO NOT share. Trust.

Mortadella on a Bun - Bar Piquette
sandwiches in Toronto - California Sandwiches

My dad used to grab these humongous veal sandwiches ($13) from California Sandwiches all the time when I was a kid, so they’re nostalgic for me the way Kraft Dinner is for most people. It’s probably the sandwich in Toronto that I order the most period. Veal is dredged in breadcrumbs and pecorino then doused in a flavourful tomato sauce that the bun soaks up like a sponge. I also add mushrooms and a slice of Provolone for the ultimate gustatory masterpiece.

GUYS — this new breakfast sandwich just hit the Toronto food scene and it’s everything. On my first visit to Egg Club, I got the Ham & Cheese ($6.90) — the fluffy Japanese milk bread (shokupan) felt like biting into a decadent cloud filled with lusciously folded eggs, cheddar, double layers of ham and generously dressed with a sweet chilli sauce and their house sauce. Damn, I think I’ve convinced myself to get another one (or 3) this weekend. 

sandwiches in Toronto - Egg Club
sandwiches in Toronto - Elm Street Deli

Remember how I was raving about Cherry Street Bar-B-Que? Well they opened Elm Street Italian Deli that serves up robust sandwiches in Toronto featuring meat and buns all made in-house. A big fan of a classic cold cut sandwich I ordered The Don ($13.95), layering slices of meat (mortadella, pepperoni, beef salami, sweet provolone) and topped with red onion, tomato, lettuce (because you need veggies), a muffuletta spread and a creamy basil aioli.  

I know it’s a big blasphemous for a self-proclaimed foodie to admit, but I never really cared for chicken sandwiches OR fried food (it’s a texture thing!). That is until I tried Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken. Order their signature Japanese-inspired sandwich for takeout — Tokyo Fried Chicken Sandwich ($11)— and you’ll get a soft brioche bun stuffed with fresh and hot fried chicken with ginger slaw, crispy onions, dill pickles and scallions. 

sandwiches in Toronto - Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken
sandwiches in Toronto - The Heartbreak Chef

How could I resist something called The Big Ass Chicken Sandwich ($12)? Let me confirm that this monstrous sandwich from The Heartbreak Chef certainly lives up to its name with 2 massive pieces of fried chicken tossed in a flavourful Carolina butter sauce, topped with spicy ranch dressing, sweet pickles and creamy slaw. The only problem you’ll have with this sandwich is fitting it in your mouth…P.S. their mac n’ cheese is life. 

These Japanese sandos from Imanishi Basement Bar were so good that I HAD to add them to this list of best sandwiches in Toronto! If you’re indecisive (like me) opt for the Assorted Sando Set that comes with 4 halves of each sandwich — Aji (mackerel) fry (my fav!), ebi (shrimp) fry, spicy karaage (chicken) and the classic pork tenderloin. They were all so flavourful and saucy with a nice crunch from shredded cabbage and the breading.

Imanishi Japanese andos

1. Shortrib Medianoche ($16.00) La Cubana, 1030 Gerrard St. E. / Available for takeout at Leslieville location
2. Mortadella on a Bun ($8.00) Bar Piquette, 1084 Queen St. W. / Available for takeout or delivery 
3. Veal Sandwich ($13.00), California Sandwiches / Available for takeout at various locations (call) 
4. Japanese Breakfast Sandwich ($5.70 – $7.70) Egg Club, Available for takeout on Ritual or delivery on UberEats
5. The Don ($13.95) Elm Street Italian Deli / Available for takeout on Ritual, UberEats or Door Dash
6. Tokyo Fried Chicken Sandwich ($11.00) Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken / Available for takeout or delivery on UberEats
7. The Big Ass Chicken Sandwich ($12.00) The Heartbreak Chef / Available for takeout
 or delivery on DoorDash or UberEats
7. The Big Ass Chicken Sandwich ($12.00) The Heartbreak Chef / Available for takeout or delivery on DoorDash or UberEats
7. Assorted Sando Set ($20.00) Imanishi Basement Bar / Available for takeout or delivery on UberEats

As I’m ordering takeout and delivery more than I ever to support local restaurants, I’m making my through them, one sandwich at a time. While these were the standouts for me (so far), are there any sandwiches in Toronto not on this list that you’d recommend?

Have your ordered ALL the sandwiches in Toronto for takeout or delivery? Here are other ways you can support local restaurants and bars in Toronto right now.

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