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A Curated 3-Day Itinerary of Milos

February 20, 2019

Unassuming and low-key, the volcanic island of Milos exudes a quiet confidence in the unique landscape of Sarakiniko Beach, the untouched, rugged coastlines, and has retained a grittily authentic Greek vibe that it’s more touristy counterparts – such as Santorini and Mykonos – have long since lost.

Head over to the discovery place of the infamous Venus de Milo statue and my personal favourite Cycladic island (so far) before the rest of the world realizes what a hidden gem it is. The Greeks already know as I asked every local I came across what their favourite island was,  the answer was a resounding and unanimous “Milos!”

While Santorini and Mykonos are mandatory for Greece first-timers, seriously consider squeezing Milos in to your schedule. It’s guaranteed to make an impression on your soul, especially if you follow my curated guide of the island below.


Duration: 3 Days

Day 1: Orientation of Adamas + Exploring Pollonia
Day 2: Marvel at Sarakiniko Beach + Sunset in Plaka Town
Day 3: A Day of Sailing + Celebratory Cocktails


Papikinou beach in Adamas

How to get here:

+ Fly: From Athens, you can arrive in Milos by plane in 3.5 hours for $100 – $263 (CAD) and take either a bus or taxi to the area you’re staying.

+ Ferry: From the ferry port of Piraeus, you can take a passenger ferry for between $90 – $115(CAD) that will take 3 or 4 hours from Athens, depending on which you board. Some make more stops in between while others are high-speed. Check Rome2Rio for options and links to transportation sites.


Where to stay:

Before even considering the age-old accommodations dilemma (AirBnB or hotel?)  you must decide which of the three main towns on Milos you want to stay – Adamas, Pollonia, or Plaka.

View from our AirBnB in Adamas

+ Adamas: If you like being in the middle of all the action then stay in the central hub of Adamas where there’s easy access to amazeballs restaurants, quaint shops, and transportation around the island. You’ll also find a some (relatively) lively bars to enjoy fancy cocktails and good music.

+ Pollonia: If you have kids, the quiet village of Pollonia is a great pick for the beautiful beaches and quaint tavernas. Being a bit more remote means you’ll definitely need a car to get around.

+ Plaka: Perched on top of a high rock overlooking the gulf of Milos, Plaka is a charming village with a timeless Greek vibe, ideal for breathtaking views. However, cars cannot navigate the narrow streets so it’s a mopeds and motorbike only zone.



Home for the next 3 days, a mere 5-minute walk from the centre of Adamas

Since I was travelling with two friends and accessibility (to good food) is always my highest priority, we went the AirBnB route and stayed at this lovely Mistral Maisonette in Adamas, an easy 5-minute walk from the centre of town. If you like free money, use this link for $45 off your first Airbnb stay.

Not only was our host, Georgia, super welcoming – coming to pick us up directly from the ferry with a car – but the duplex was sparkling clean, spacious, and had a gorgeous elevated view of the town below from a little terrace that was perfect for afternoon wine drinking. And with 3 girls sharing a space? The 2 bathrooms were convenient necessary.

The large patio was perfect for relaxing in the sun with local wine.



How to get around:

+ Taxi: Outside of the taxi hub in Adamas, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a ride but you can call a company to arrange one.

+ Bus:  There are stops in the central part of most towns and villages for about €1.80. The timetable changes depending on the time of year so you can check here.

+ Rental: There are tons of places (at least in Adamas) where you can rent an ATV or car but you’ll need an international driver’s license.




Moonscapes and X-Rated Views at Sarakiniko Beach in Milos
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Day 1: Orientation of Adamas + Exploring Pollonia

+ First Taste of Greece at Flisvos: Located in the livelier part of town, you MUST order the thick hummus-like fava with caramelized onions, capers and octopus – heaven! Round out your meal with classic Greek favs like the taramosalata (dip of fish roe), pastitsio (baked pasta casserole with meat and a rich béchamel sauce), and moussaka.

Amazing fava with caramelized onions, octopus + capers!

+ Get Familiar with Adamas: Also known as Adamantas, take to town by foot and peruse all the cute little shops selling unique trinkets and the plentiful bakeries to snack on local delights.


The Secret Garden-esque front of O! Hamos

+ Nosh Outdoors at O! Hamos: When hunger strikes, head over to this al fresco foodie haven for the custom pottery, handwritten menus and the drool-worthy traditional dishes made with fresh AF ingredients from their own farm. Get the tender molasses-mustard thyme marinated roast piglet that’s been slow-cooked for hours!

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+ Explore Seaside Pollonia: Stroll around this quaint fishing village, go for a swim at one of the beautiful beaches, or take a quick boat tour to Glaronisia, the Cave of Papafragas, and the impressive church of Saint Paraskevi.

+ Chef’s Tasting at Armenaki: Right in the heart of town and overlooking the picturesque harbour, indulge your inner sea-foodie and cede dinner decision-making to the chef. He knows what’s up.


Day 2: Marvel at Sarakiniko Beach + Sunset in Plaka Town

+ Grab Snacks at Artemis Bakery: Kick the day off by grabbing some freshly baked treats to keep hanger at bay. The pizzas were a fav of mine – so flavourful, studded with olives, fresh tomato and cheese – while their selection of pies will have you angst with indecision.

+ Marvel at Sarakiniko: You cannot visit Milos without marvelling at the unique moon-like landscape of Sarakiniko beach. The crashing waves, driven by the strong north winds hitting the volcanic, bone-white rock have eroded it into its characteristic smoothness.

Take a dip in the little cove or lie out and pretend you’re working on your tan on the moon!

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+ Lunch at Medousa Tavern: Beeline to this nearby waterside taverna for some amazeballs food where you’re sure to make the acquaintance of several feline friends. Sip rosé while you nosh on grilled manoura cheese in honey that will blow your socks off!


+ Explore the Catacombs of Milos: History buffs will be able to nerd out for a pittance of a mere 4€ entrance fee. Explore the porous volcanic rock caves that were once used as family burial chambers.

+ Sunset Views at Kastro Castle: Make your way over to the picturesque village of Plaka and hike up to Kastro Castle to enjoy the last rays of sun as they cast a rosy glow over the island.

+ Dinner at Ergina: Since you’re already in the Tripiti area, drop by Ergina to dine on legit Greek salad and fresh made pasta on the balcony, enjoying a slight breeze with a expansive sea view.

+ Post-Dinner Revelry in Plaka: If you’re still awake have reserves of energy for some nightlife activity, then kudos to you…because I didn’t. Hit up Kri Kri (in Plaka)  or Utopia for some live music and drinks.


Day 3: A Day of Sailing + Celebratory Cocktails

+ Take To The Waters with Polco Sail: As the quintessential water baby, I love any excuse to be in/on/around the water so I was hideously excited to hit the turquoise waters of Milos for the entire day with Polco Sail.


Throw on your favourite bather and enjoy the wind in your hair as you marvel at the dramatic coastal landscapes as you set sail from the main port towards the south of the island.


Expect to drop anchor several times along the trip so you have plenty of opportunities to cannonball into the water while also exploring interesting spots like the Kleftiko Caves – infamous as a congregation spot and hideout for pirates – and the cave of Sykia with a massive crater on top and a little beach to sunbathe on.




You’ll arrive back at port with just enough time to catch the sunset.

+ Seafood Feast at Mikros Apoplous: Enjoy an impressive display of sea bream carpaccio in rich olive oil and sprinkled with tobiko with a view of white boats calmly bobbing in the nearby crystalline waters before tucking into an indulgently creamy prawn linguine.



+ Drinks/Music at Akri: Cheers to an amazing stay on the charming island of Milos with superb cocktails and music at this trendy spot. Sip tangy passion fruit mixtures while appreciating the glow of the moon over the calm waters of the port.

There you have it – a perfectly curated 3-day itinerary of Milos if you want to see, do and eat as much as humanly possible! If you have an upcoming trio to this charming island, what are you the most excited for?

If you’re in the process of planning a trip to Greece, here are some tips for doing it right!

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