TeriakiTalks is a curated digital destination that offers a whimsical and refreshingly honest (see: TMI) perspective of travel, eating, self-growth, creativity, and the multitude of ways in which they overlap.
Whether you’re looking for direction for how to plan the trip of a lifetime, in search of drool-worthy food porn and restaurant recommendations in Toronto, or are in dire need of a motivational kick in the ass, you’ve come to the right place.

TeriakiTalks is an online platform that was written and curated by a wild heart with a discerning eye. It was created to liberate free spirits, sate the perpetually hungry, relieve detail-oriented planners, motivate creative go-getters and inspire those who sometimes need a reminder that life is not the storm, they are.

A self-proclaimed oversharer, Teri Yeung aims to share stories worth telling, photos worth pinning, meals worth eating, experiences worth living for, destinations worth blowing your pay cheque visiting, and lessons learned along the way – all in an effort to spark curiosity and ignite a sense of wonder and joy in other magic makers who want to get the most out of this amazing ride called life.
(and the “T” in TMI)
Teri Yeung* is – at her core – a storyteller and has been ever since her days of kindergarten show-and-tell and unflattering bowl haircuts. She is also a Toronto-based, award-winning art director and graphic designer who is as creative on-the-job as she is with managing her limited vacation time.

Teri hasn’t quite decided if she’s a designer who has a way with words or a writer with an eye for design. Either way, she is a joyful live-r of life, armed with a robust curiosity, infectious enthusiasm and bottomless appetite (as much for pasta as for adventure), feverishly creating and curating content that errs on the side of TMI, like that time she almost got bartered for 3,000 camels and a shoe store in Morocco or the first time she went to a hammam.

When she isn’t (over)eating her way through The 6ix and drinking bowls of gravy in the privacy of her foliage-filled home, she’s tenaciously chasing her curiosity and seeking out new experiences – both home and abroad –and salsa dancing the night away.

*Teri also prefers writing in the first person but in this case, for the sake of seeming more “professional” she opted not to. Did it work?
Teri’s been involved a moderately high-speed rickshaw chase in Scotland (she was the one being chased).
She has been told that her laugh sounds like it belongs to a maniacal evil baby genius.
Her pet peeves are slow sidewalk walkers, people who wear socks with sandals, and toast.
Her hands haven’t grown since she was 10 and are so tiny they are most accurately described as “carny hands”.
She despises dolphins and thinks they're sneaky perverts with a great public relations team.
She was almost bartered for 3,000 camels and a shoe store in Morocco (and that was only a starting bid).
She has a not-so irrational fear of being killed for a skin suit since she's a hairless freak.
Whew! But really, the best way to truly get to know me? Read the blog posts. I’ve poured myself into every word, photo, animation, and design choice. Here are some of my favourite posts to get you started: