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The Best Croissants In Toronto Worth Drooling Over

March 17, 2021

Of course I’ve always liked croissants (what’s not to like about something that’s made up almost entirely of butter?) but I never loved them until I made it my mission to seek out the best croissants in Toronto.

I’ve always found croissants to be such a pain in the ass to eat, especially on-the-go. Each bite is followed by an avalanche of golden crumbs that cling to my face and hair as delicious shameful proof of my gluttony.

If someone were tracking me, it’d be all too easy to follow the trail of buttery flakes left in my wake. On the flip side, it’d also make it easier for me to find my way home, Hansel and Gretel-style.

With my hearty morning appetite, I could never get into the continental breakfasts in Paris consisting of a mere croissant and cafe au lait. However, after my extensive taste test of the best Toronto had to offer, I may be a croissant convert.

Best croissants in Toronto

Croissant Origin

The history of the croissant can be traced back to the 13th century Austrian kipferl, a type of crescent-shaped baked good (or viennoiserie) made with a less flaky but softer and denser yeast-leavened dough.

The crescent shape of the kipferl was not for mere aesthetic or decorative purposes. It was crafted as a deliberate political statement, at least according to legend.

In the 16th century, the Ottoman Turks attempted to tunnel under the walls of Vienna. A local baker (working late into the night) heard the distant ruckus and immediately alerted the military to the foreign invasion who then collapsed the tunnel and saved the city.

To commemorate the victory, the baker crafted pastries in the shape of the crescent moon from the Ottoman flag so that every time his countrymen bit into the treat, they were symbolically devouring their enemy. Pretty savage, huh?

While the origin of the croissant is undeniably Viennese, it evolved into the treat we know it as today because of the French. Scholar and author of a book on croissant history, Jim Chevallier, claims it “became French the moment people began to make it with puffed pastry, which is a French innovation.”

Since then, everyone from Japan to Pillsbury has added their own twist to this flaky baked good.


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The Best Croissants in Toronto

When someone asks me where to find the best croissants in Toronto, there is no short answer. Do you like a classic French pastry? Are you on the hunt for unique flavours? Perhaps the high quality ingredients is the deciding factor for you. If you have no opinion, maybe you should just pick up a box Costco croissants and call it a day.

Whatever your preference may be, here are 7 spots (in no particular order) to find the best croissants in Toronto:

  1. Patisserie 27
  2. Bake Code Croissanterie
  3. Pain Perdu
  4. Le Beau Patisserie
  5. Geste
  6. Hazukido
  7. The Tempered Room
Best croissants in Toronto

Never take croissants to bed! There were SO many crumbs after…

Patisserie 27

Best Croissants In Toronto For: An unconventional neighbourhood fav

Beer cheddar croissant? Mushroom and olive? Orange liqueur–infused caramelized banana compote filling? Not exactly your standard croissant flavours but Patisserie 27 is a neighbourhood favourite, particularly for these flaky crescents.


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A post shared by @bestbitestoronto

This humble bakery in Toronto may not have much of a social media presence, but their word-of-mouth street cred ranges from complimentary to downright effusive.

Classic French technique with a Japanese twist, these croissants have a mesmerizing honeycomb structure and layer upon golden layer of light yet rich flakiness that melts in your mouth.

Arrive early to snag some buttery baked goods or risk getting stuck in line.

Patisserie 27 401 Jane St.  |  Website


Bake Code Croissanterie

Best Croissants In Toronto For: Unique Asian-inspired flavours

East meets west at Bake Code Croissanterie, owned by the same Taiwanese brand as one of Toronto’s top bubble tea spots, Chatime. The Yonge and Wellesley location is solely dedicated to their signature croissants that blend European technique with Asian flavour.

best croissants in Toronto - Bake Code

(Left to Right): Matcha Cream, Roasted Milk, Salted Egg Yolk

They boast an intensive and time-consuming lamination process (30 hours), folding and rolling butter into super-thin layers using premium Stirling Creamery butter.

But what makes these croissants a real stand-out are the unique, Asian-inspired flavours — Salted Egg Yolk, Roasted Milk Tea, Matcha Cream, Ube, White Chocolate Yuzu.

Grabbed a Mushroom Truffle croissant (left) for the road. Look how gooey that Salted Egg Yolk is!

There’s even a Vietnamese coffee croissant that comes with its own mini bottle of condensed milk sticking out of it!

Bake Code Croissanterie  |  626 Yonge St.  |  Website


Pain Perdu

Best Croissants In Toronto For: Authentic, classic French pastries

Technically, pain perdu translates to “lost bread” in reference to how French toast saves stale bread from being “lost.” However, in this context, Pain Perdu is a bakery known for purveying glorious, classic French confections.

This quaint St. Clair West spot is lauded by locals as a hidden gem to find the best croissants in Toronto with a rich buttery flavour and flaky texture. With French music playing softly in the background, you’ll swear that you were nibbling on your almond croissant tucked away in a quaint café in Paris.

Pain Perdu  |  736 St Clair Ave W. Website


Le Beau Patisserie

Best Croissants In Toronto For: Classic treats and high aesthetic

Le Beau, literally translating to “the beautiful” en francais, is the aptly named lovechild of a classically trained pastry chef and a photographer with a discerning artist’s eye.

best croissants in Toronto - Le Beau

The intersection of indulgent viennoiserie and refined aesthetic, this Dundas East patisserie is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds.

Across from Regent Park, the space is full of natural light streaming in from the wall-to-wall windows, making the the orderly rows of croissants glisten from behind the glass display case.

Plus, their IG feed is perfection.

Citrus Toasted Poppy Seed croissant. Look at that honeycomb interior!

Meanwhile, the pastries are baked daily with organic flour and 30% butter content🧈🧈🧈 The results are delicious crescent-shaped treats that are delicately flaky on the outside and fluffy AF on the inside, offered in inventive flavours such as Raspberry Lychee Rose, Citrus Toasted Poppy Seeds, and Coffee/Gianduja (chocolate with hazelnut paste) croissant.

If you’re craving something heftier, order a savoury turkey and pear stuffed croissant sandwich.

Le Beau Patisserie  |  665 Dundas St. E. Website



Best Croissants In Toronto For: Texture and customer service

If you’re on the hunt for ideal balance of light, flaky and butter in a croissant, you might just find it at Geste (if the online reviews are any indication).

The name of this bakery in Toronto roughly translates to the idea of “the beautiful hand” which is reflected in how every viennoiserie is crafted from scratch by hand by classically trained pastry chefs.

Geste breaks free from the limitations of a singular style, combining traditional French pastry with modern techniques. Using a high fat content butter with a premium flour from Quebec, these croissants have a mouth-wateringly crispy exterior which remaining moist and buttery inside.

Go for a seasonally-inspired flavour like mango or stick to the tried-and-true almond croissant. They even have a vegan option!

Geste Croissanterie  |  1183 Dundas St W.  |  Website



Best Croissants In Toronto For: Next level quality

The lamination process at Hazukido is beyond intensive at 72 hours (from beginning to end) and 64 layers of butter and dough to create the signature honeycomb pattern of this international bakery chain.

Shorter than your average croissant, it compensates in flakiness, puff factor and quality of ingredients. They use premium European butter, the finest flour imported from Japan, and ISO and SGS certified eggs (whatever that means 🤔…but it sounds legit).

If you needed more convincing that Hazukido is super EXTRA, they have over 100 flavours of croissants on their extensive roster, rotating between 14 at a time. I’m not sure I could even list that many flavours…

best croissants in Toronto - Hazukido

Clockwise from top left: Caramel Pudding, French Strawberry Custard, Lemon Crème Glazed, Spicy Cod Roe, Truffle Crab, Hazelnut Chocolate

I was obsessed with every croissant I inhaled (in mere minutes), from the savoury Truffle Crab and Cod Roe sprinkled with chives, to the sweet Lemon Crème Glazed and Caramel Pudding (a fan favourite) drizzled with syrup.

Hazukido  595 Bay St. Website


The Tempered Room

Best Croissants In Toronto For: Croissant purists

The “perfect” croissant is puffy, smells and tastes of enough butter to make your waist expand at the mere scent, super crumbly (your shirt should be showered in flakes), has a crispy top, and layers galore.


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A post shared by The Tempered Room (@thetemperedroom)

For croissant purists searching high and low for perfection, The Tempered Room is where it’s at.

Located in the heart of Parkdale, this Parisian patisserie doesn’t rely on fancy equipment, but rather the unparalleled technique and skill of their bakers and pastry chefs. Admire the glossy lustre and go cross-eyed counting the crisp layers before taking a bite of these unadorned golden beauties.

The Tempered Room  1374 Queen St. W. Website

best croissants in Toronto - Le Beau

The Citrus Toasted Poppyseed croissant (top) and Coffee/Gianduja croissant from Le Beau

The Best Croissants in Toronto: Honorable Mentions 

+ Tasso: Highly rated hole-in-the-wall known for croissants that are impossible to snag
+ Rahier: The OG French patisserie in Leaside
+ Bonjour Brioche: 3 days to make. 45% Canadian butter. Need I say more?
+ Butter Baker: Go for the croissants, stay for the delightful cakes!
+ Blackbird Baking Co.: Bagels, baguettes and croissants, oh my!

There you have it — plenty of options to get your croissant fix, no matter how you like these butter-filled babies. Soft and fluffy. Crispy and flaky. In a box with a fox. Whatever you like! Thanks to everyone who gave me recommendations on my Instagram poll!

All I have to say now is: LET THEM EAT CROISSANTS 🥐!  

Croissants not your thang? No problem, maybe drool-worthy sandwiches are more your style.

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