3 Fancy AF Toast Ideas You’ll Want To Make Immediately

June 23, 2021

fancy af toast ideas

Can I tell you a secret? I used to hate toast so who would’ve guessed that down the road I’d write a blog post imparting toast ideas. But here we are 🤷🏻‍♀️

What can I say? I despised the crunchiness that would release an avalanche of crumbs with every bite and the rough texture would cut the delicate roof of my mouth. No thank you, fresh bread or bust. Plus, we all know (or should by now) that I’m more of a noodle person.

However I realized that toasting the bread created a stiffer surface, making it easier to pile ALL the toppings on. Considered me a convert 😸 Filled with this newfound enthusiasm for this crisp carb, I’ve developed a couple of epic toast ideas that will have you drooling over your keyboard.

But first…

The History of Toast

If you’re read my blog post revealing where to find the best sandwiches in Toronto and drooled over my guide detailing where to find the best croissants, then you’ll know I like a good carb-oriented history lesson.

Have you ever wondered about how toast became a thing? Like everything else, it was a mix of chance and practicality with a dash of questionable myth.

The initial iteration of bread was flat 🫓 until the Egyptians invented leavened bread 🍞 — the fluffy, yeast-risen carb beloved by Oprah — around 3000 B.C. While this version was much nicer to eat, when left out too long it would get hard and considerably less delicious.

Enter: Toast...along with the Romans. The word “toast” derived from the Latin word tostum meaning “to burn or scorch” which makes sense as it’s what they did to the bread. When the bread would get stale, it’d be placed on a hot stone near the fire to get nice and crisp.

Sounds tedious. How lucky are we that toasters were invented?


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Now that you’re up to speed on the origins of toast, you’re properly primed to better enjoy the following 3 fancy AF toast ideas:

White Bean Toast with Sautéed Mushrooms 🍄

With the prospect of warmer weather and trying to squeeze into a 👙, I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to start pushing that boulder back up the hill.

The boulder being me 😆 metaphorically-speaking, obviously.

I’ve developed two strategies to attain my health goals. Firstly I’ve also been doing some mental work, shifting my view of eating from weaponizing food when I’m sad, need comfort, or even when I’m happy, to regard it as nourishing my body.

toast ideas - mushroom toast with white bean spread

Secondly, I’ve been researching and tweaking recipes that are not only nutritious but exciting and delicious! This White Bean Toast with SautĂŠed Mushrooms recipe is not only plant-based but it’s sure to energize me for upcoming summer adventures out of lockdown.


✧ 1 can of white kidney beans (15oz drained)
✧ 2 cloves of garlic (minced)
✧ mushrooms
✧ 2Tbs lemon juice
✧ 2Tbs olive oil
✧ red chilli flakes
✧ salt
✧ pepper
✧ dill
✧ bread of choice


➊ Blend: Add the white kidney beans, minced garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to a food processor and blend till smooth. Add some water or more olive oil if needed.

➋ Sauté: Heat oil in pan over high heat. When hot, add mushrooms and still till it’s all covered in oil. Leave the mushrooms to cook without touching for at least 5 minutes or until it becomes golden. Flip then leave for another couple of minutes.

➌ Assemble: Toast your bread of choice and smear white bean spread on. Pile sautéed mushrooms on top and sprinkle with dill and red chilli flakes. Squeeze some lemon on top and salt to taste.

toast ideas - mushroom toast with white bean spread


+ Anything that has lemon, olive oil, and chilli flakes benefits from adding an anchovy fillet (or two).

+ Using a mix of wild mushrooms is best as it provides a variety of textures. I know you’ll be tempted to flip them to prevent burning but resist, they won’t get golden if you keep moving them.

+ May I make a bread suggestion? Grilled sourdough brushed with extra virgin olive oil  and rubbed with a garlic clove (like with bruschetta) would be 💣

+ Pro Tip: Cut it in half diagonally…makes it more delicious IMO 😄


Avocado Toast with Beet Hummus 🥑

You know you’re a graphic designer when you get toast ideas based on the colour palette 🎨

Usually when you’re presented with food that is so vibrantly pink, it’s a safe bet that you’re going to get a sugar rush (followed by a sugar crash) of epic proportions.

toast ideas - avocado beet hummus toast

This Avocado Toast with Beet Hummus is the deliciously nutritious exception. Not only is it packed with plant-based protein (chickpeas) that will power you through the afternoon slump, but the complementary pink and green hues makes it a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

You won’t be able to resist taking a photo of the finished product for the ‘gram!


✧ 1 roasted beet (chopped)
✧ 1/3 C olive oil
✧ 1 can chickpeas (15oz drained)
✧ bread of choice
✧ 2/3 C tahini
✧ 2 cloves garlic (minced)
✧ 2-3 Tbs lemon juice
✧ salt
✧ avocado
✧ bread of choice

avocado toast with beet hummus


➊ Blend: Add the beet, chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, minced garlic, and salt to a food processor.

➋ Smooth: While pulsing, slowing drizzle in the olive oil till fully combined and blended smooth.

➌ Assemble: Toast Silver Hills Organic Soft Wheat bread and smear beet hummus on. Slice the ripe avocado and fan across the top of the hummus.

➍ Garnish: Finish it off with a squeeze of lemon, sea salt and some sprigs of dill (I love me some dill!).


+ Avocado can be prepped any way you like — mashed, sliced, diced, etc…but personally, I think sliced looks prettiest.

+ Roasted beets get messy (understatement)! To avoid staining your hands, wear gloves when handling/chopping. For added flavour, roast the beets with a couple cloves of garlic (skin on).

+ For added plant-based protein, roast some chickpeas and sprinkle on top.

+ The best part about this toast idea is that you can snack on leftover hummus with pita chips, cucumbers or whatever strikes your fancy!


Brie Toast with red pepper jelly 🧀

Ok, of all the toast ideas I’ve presented so far, this is the easiest but it’s also my favourite by a long shot. I literally keep red pepper jelly in my fridge solely for this indulgent snack…I don’t know what else I’d use it for.

Usually I try not to keep brie in the home because I have no willpower when it comes to this creamy cheese. If given the opportunity, I will eat an entire wheel in a weekend and my skin will suffer the consequences for weeks after.

toast ideas - brie with red pepper jelly

On the rare occasions that I treat myself to a wedge of brie I prefer to keep it simple, eating it on its own or in this Brie Toast with Red Pepper Jelly to appreciate the flavour and silky texture.


✧ brie cheese (sliced)
✧ butter
✧ red pepper jelly
✧ truffle oil
✧ bread of choice


➊ Toast: Heat a pan on the stove at medium-low heat. Lightly butter both sides of toast before placing in pan when hot. Start the heat on low and slowly increase to get the crispy exterior but be careful not to burn the bread.

➋ Melt: When first side is done, flip to the other and smear with a generous dollop of red pepper jelly. Add your slices of brie. When the other side is done and the cheese is melty, transfer to plate.

➌ Final touch: Finally, drizzle some truffle oil over your creation and enjoy! Easy peasy.

brie and red pepper jelly with truffle oil


+ If you’re lazy (like me), just toast the bread in a toaster, smear the jelly and layer slices of cheese before popping it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds (or until brie melts). Won’t maintain a crispy exterior but it’s still delicious!

+ You can also the red pepper jelly for fresh fruit. Toss slices or pear or apple with a little coconut oil and cinnamon and bake in the oven at 400° F for 5-7 minutes, flipping once. Drizzle with truffle honey for sweetness.

These are not your basic peanut butter and jelly or butter and jam toast ideas. No, now you’ve brought your toast game to the next level and are ready to wow house guests…or your IG audience with your toasting prowess.

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