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Mykonos for 6 Kinds of Foodies

May 29, 2019

We’ve all experienced the simultaneous disappointment and relief of the lights flickering in a bar to indicate to the booze-soaked clientele that it’s last call.

Disappointment because the alcohol has infused you with the false belief that you could keep partying the night away. Relief because now you get to have a legit reason to peel your inebriated self away off of the dance floor in search of a post-last call meal. Hurrah!

In Toronto this means finding street meat. In New York it’s a slice of pizza available on any/every city block. In Thailand it’s the beef noodle soup stall on the corner. But no matter where in the world you find yourself (with a liver that’s essentially been pickled in alcohol) whatever you eat when you’re three sheets to the wind will taste like THE BEST THING EVER.

How’s this for dinner with a view? 180º Sunset Bar in Mykonos Town.

I discovered in Mykonos – the wild child island of Greece known for it’s spirited nightlife – day or night, sober or decidedly less so, the food is still THE BEST THING EVER.

From traditional fish stews to hearty souvlaki to fresh AF seafood enjoyed with glorious views of the cerulean Aegean, there is a culinary delight for every kind of foodie in Mykonos.

For the comfort foodie:

Pull up a seat at one of the white washed tables in front of Pepper or snag a secluded spot in the quaint inner courtyard out back for hearty Greek comfort food with THE BEST gyros and souvlaki in Mykonos.

Just looking at the grilled pitas loaded with juicy meat, tomatoes, onions and fries – yes, fries – smothered in garliky tzatziki sauce has me drooling all over the keyboard. You definitely won’t be kissing anyone after digging in to this monster! Altoid anyone?

Double down on carbs with a side of Pepper fries, perfectly seasoned and loaded with creamy feta then wash it all down with a frappe.

Pepper Souvlaki & More  |  ΚΟΥΖΗ ΓΕΩΡΓΟΥΛΗ 18  



Nothing makes me more ravenous than sea salt air and a dip in the ocean which makes Kiki’s Tavern ideally situated by Agios Sostis beach in the northern part of the island. Arrive early or prepare to hunker down to wait in line while sipping some boxed rosé. Believe me – it’s worth the wait!

Dig into a feast of zesty salads – creamy potato salad, lentil and feta mix, vibrant beet cubes – paired with plates of marinated anchovy fillets and meaty chunks of octopus.

Save room for a juicy pork chop the size fo your HEAD with a side of a twice-baked potato, velvety soft. Finally, wrap the  meal up with the house chocolate cake and fresh amaretto cream.

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Kiki’s Tavern  |  Mikonos 846 00



Try not to get lost as your venture through the labyrinth-like streets of Mykonos in search of this quaint little café. When you see one of the blue wicker stools become vacant, settle down with a foamy cappuccino or a fresh juice while perusing the nutritious menu.

Popolo’s is idyllic to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with a good book and a crusty sandwich stuffed with shredded chicken, slices of avocado and tomato.

Popolo’s  |  P. Drakopoulou street 18


for the Grab-and-Go Foodie:

If you’re rushing from beach to sailing to sunset drinks, this artisan bakery will keep you fuelled with culinary delights. Grab a Super Detox Green Juice or a traditional Greek pastry in between your busy schedule.

My first visit I followed my nose to what looked like bits of octopus mixed with a short tubed pasta stewed in tomato sauce. It was SO flavourful! Htapothaki me Kofto Makaronaki is slow cooked, letting the juices from the octopus soak into the sauce and pasta. Heaven.

Was I reading a book about psychics? Yes. Don’t judge me.

Il Forno di Gerasimo13 Agiou Gerasimou



Irregardless of the fact that I had easy access to some of the creamiest feta and octopus so fresh I could taste the ocean, I was still craving the one thing I always crave: 🍝🍝🍝

I wish all 3 plates had been for me….

Situated in the bustling heart of the “chora” ( a.k.a. Mykonos Town), Pasta Fresca Barkia is a three-storey establishment will satisfy your Italian cravings with fresh, handmade pasta, offering a wide range of varieties from delicately stuffed mushroom tortellini (so full of umami!) to twirlable linguine.

Pasta Fresca Barkia  |  Κουζή 15, Georgouli



for the view-loving foodie:

Don’t ask me why dining in a narrow, white-washed alleyway is so cool, it just is. Make a reservation at Kastro’s and arrive early for a prime spot at the mouth of the alley affording unobstructed views of the sun setting over the water with a backdrop of the infamous Kato Windmills. Well, unobstructed except for all the tourists that swung through for a photo op 🤬🙅‍♀️

Sip a chilli mango cocktail before kicking off the meal with a refreshing seabass ceviche, feta-stuffed eggplant rolls and an indulgent grilled manouri cheese.

For a true taste of Mykonos get the Mykonian Fish Soup, a thick broth brimming with prawns and mussels, or the grilled octopus reduced in red wine with vibrant pickled shallots and beluga lentils.

Kastro’s Restaurant  |  Agion Anargyron 1


What kind of foodie are you?