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The Best Ramen in Toronto To Slurp Your Way Through

April 14, 2021

best ramen toronto

There is no definitive answer for where the best ramen in Toronto can be found, any more than there is for where to find the best croissants. 

Firstly, living is such a gloriously diverse city means that we are ripe for choice making it difficult to whittle down the list.

Secondly, I love ALL ramen — tonkotsu, zaru, instant, abura soba, mazemen, miso, shio, tsukemen…I even love me a Cup Noodle if I’m desperate! The fact that I  know the difference between all of those types of ramen should be proof in and of itself of how deep and profound my love is. 

How could I possibly choose the best ramen in Toronto?

Well, I guess that’s the whole point of this blog post so I will do my best. At the very least, I can give you options!

P.S. Don’t forget to slurp loudly! That’s how you let the chef know you’re enjoying your ramen (but seriously, look it up).

My entire life boils down (pun intended) to this blog post. At first glance, it may have seemed like I was devouring bowl upon bowl of noodles out of sheer gluttony, but now I know it was for virtuous reasons. 

I was meant to write about the best ramen in Toronto to help hungry, food-obsessed readers (like yourself) find satisfaction. You’re welcome. 

best ramen in Toronto - Ramen Isshin

Ramen Isshin is often considered the best ramen in Toronto, if only for their premium noodle texture. The name means “one heart, one ramen” and their aim is to bring happiness in the form of authentic ramen to the city. Slurp down a bowl of their signature Wok Fried Red Miso Ramen ($15.80) with fragrant Tonkotsu broth blended with red and white miso or the popular Black Sesame Tan Tan Noodle ($14.80). They also offer Tsukemen a.k.a. “Dipping Ramen” if you’re not afraid of getting splattered. 

 After discovering abura soba in Tokyo, I became obsessed with brothless ramen (don’t @ me ramen purists). While Kinton Ramen’s  extensive menu has everything from traditional ramen with shoyu or miso broths to options to satisfy vegan and vegetarian customers, I became obsessed with their monthly special — Shibire Mazemen, served with pork belly, bamboo, nori, scallions and a plump onsen egg, you mix it all up till the noodles are coated with the silky yolk  🤤 

best ramen in Toronto - Kinton Ramen
best ramen in Toronto - Sansotei Ramen

No matter the day or time, you’re likely to find a line of hungry patrons outside of Sansotei Ramen, a Canadian contender for the best ramen in Toronto. Specializing in Tonkotsu Ramen from the Hokkaido and Kyushu region of Japan, opt for the Tonkotsu Black, a tasty bowl of noodles swimming in a flavourful garlic oil permeates the rich umami-filled broth topped with chashu pork, a seasoned egg, black fungus and a smattering of green onions. 

With over 800 locations all over the globe, Ajisen Ramen is fast food chain based in Japan that was founded in 1968. Despite boasting an extensive menu of dishes, I always order the Tender Pork Ribs Ramen. The meat is seasoned in a special marinade made with soy sauce from Japan, then slow-cooked for 4 hours till tender and fall-off-the-bone perfection. The seaweed and crunchy bean sprouts swim provide a lovely texture. 

best ramen in Toronto - Ajisen Ramen
Ramen Toronto - Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

On the hunt for a ramen in Toronto that rivals what you’d find in Japan’s northern islands? If so, check out Hokkaido Ramen Santouka! Go big or go home with their original dish, the ToKusen Toroniku Ramen ($20.45). If you’re a ramen newbie, get the mild Shio broth. For a spicy kick, opt for the Kara-miso flavour that features 3 kinds of chili. This order arrives with a platter full of luscious roasted pork cheek slices so tender it’ll bring a tear to your eye.

Hakata Ikkousha Ramen‘s  clear tonkotsu achieves its creamy consistency through a special method called Yobimodoshi. The result is a rich broth that is less oily and less likely to put you in a food coma post-meal. For the ultimate flavour bomb, get their Black Tonkotsu ($15) with a soup base that is infused with charcoal garlic and black sesame oil. Head a couple doors down to Ikkousha Ramen Chicken to sample their fowl-based broth.

Hakata Ikkousha Ramen Toronto
Konjiki Ramen Toronto

Konjiki Ramen is world-renowned for having attained Michelin standards with their humble noodle soup. Their Signature Clam Broth Ramen ($14) is served in shoyu (soy) or shio (salt) flavours which perfectly complement the complex yet delicate stock made from stewing mollusks and pork bones for 10 hours. They also offer the most innovative vegetarian ramen in the city, trading pork bones for a green sauce composed of avocado, mushrooms, soy milk and cream. 

This may be a hot take but Touhenboku Ramen is one of my go-to spots, particular for when I’m craving noods for lunch. As a rule, I try not to eat heavily at midday (unless I want to nap under my desk for the rest of the afternoon) but their mizutaki-style chicken broth is as rich and tasty as a pork broth but with less fat. If you don’t mind reeking of garlic, get the Black Garlic Ramen ($15.50), otherwise the Chicken Miso Ramen ($16) is another popular choice.

1. Ramen Isshin Toronto, Multiple Locations Available for take out and delivery
2. Kinton Ramen Toronto, Multiple Locations
Available for take out and delivery
3. Sansotei Ramen TorontoMultiple Locations / Available for take out and delivery
4. Ajisen Ramen Toronto, 332 Spadina Ave. / Available for take out and delivery
5. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka TorontoMultiple Locations / Available for take out and delivery
6. Hakata Ikkousha Ramen TorontoMultiple Locations / Available for take out and delivery
7. Konjiki Ramen TorontoMultiple Locations / Available for take out and delivery
8. Touhenboku Ramen TorontoMultiple Locations / Available for take out and delivery

The weather may be getting warmer (thank goodness!) but that doesn’t affect my ramen cravings at all. 24/7 I want ramen…some would call that “noodle-obsessed” and they wouldn’t be wrong. I’m constantly on the hunt for a steaming bowl of noodz so if you have any personal favs, let me know in the comments below!

If this post has made you want ramen IMMEDIATELY, here’s my personal recipe for stir-fried ramen using leftovers you probably having lying around your fridge.

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