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When Bad Luck Turns Into A Stay At Adelante 88, A Luxury Villa in Santorini

March 6, 2019

Let me tell you about the luck my friends and I had in Santorini. It was SO fortuitous that I’m pretty much just humble bragging about how #blessed we were, exemplifying that good things do indeed happen to bad people.

Our last day on the island of Milos, I was checking my email to confirm plans for the next day arrival in Santorini. My stomach dropped as I read an email informing me that there was an issue with our accommodations and our reservation hadn’t gone through for the first night of our stay on the picturesque island.

Where were we supposed to stay?! The meticulous planner in me was enraged at the last minute wrench being thrown in my carefully laid plans. However, whenever I’m tempted to make a snarky response, my mother’s voice intones in my head “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,” (as if I wanted to catch flies). 

I resisted my natural [bitchy] instinct and politely inquired after a solution.

Or rather I got Kelly to through my email. She’s nicer than I am.

We ended up being recompensed with a free shuttle service and temporary accommodations in Akrotiri – south of Fira – which turned out to be absolute paradise.

I hate when my parent’s are right….and the older I get, the more I realize they usually are. BUT they also told me not to travel until I was retired so I treat their advice like a buffet, picking and choosing which I listen to as is convenient to me.

Guys – We. Lucked. Out!

As we were given the tour of Adelante 88 – the Akrotiri-based luxury villa – I had a hard time keeping my eyeballs in their sockets. There’s no way we could’ve afforded the level of grandeur that we had accidentally stumbled upon. But it was the kind of place worth robbing a bank for. Although it’s worth noting that with 3 huge bedrooms, it would be reasonable for a larger group to split.

If you plan on visiting Santorini any time soon, I can NOT recommend Adelante 88 enough for the following reasons:



People either stay in romantic Oia or bustling Fira. Since we were only in Santorini for a brief stay, we would’ve been those people. Fortunately staying on the south side of the caldera gave us a more well-rounded experience of the island. Not only were we able to explore the Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri – a Minoan Bronze age settlement – but we were in close proximity to the Red Beach and  some stellar wineries.

Red Beach in Akrotiri



View of the caldera – HELLO!

The rugged landscape of Santorini was formed by a volcano eruption in the 16th century, creating steep cliffs and a large cauldron-like hollow at its centre – a caldera. This volcanic feature is what makes the sunsets on Santorini so infamous. The view is breathtaking and the master bedroom had a balcony that provided an impressive vantage point to see where the island met the roiling Aegean Sea.


3 massive bedrooms

As our host was giving us a tour of the villa, my friends and I didn’t know what to expect. She showed us the ground level bedroom. Very nice. Then we ascended the stairs and were shown the second room that was just as nice as the first. Score! And here’s the master bedroom. Excuse me?!

High ceiling, floor lanterns and a balcony overlooking the pool! When can I move in?

Private pool + day bed!

Yes, there was a pool. It was so big that I initially thought it was shared with other guests but it was PRIVATE! There are few things that I wake up early for (even on vacation) but extra time to swan about in a private infinity pool and lounging on a spacious daybed is one of those them.

Breakfast delivery

The second thing I wake up early for? Breakfast. Is it not the dream for food to just show up at your door with minimal effort on your part? Adelante 88 made this dream a reality with a veritable feast – eggs, cold cuts, fresh fruits, croissants, etc – arriving on our poolside patio. All we had to do was fill out a laminated form with the requested breakfast time and check of the available items that we wanted.

Amazing hosts

Every need was anticipated and fulfilled by the attentive concierge, Lamprini, and owner, Mr. Panos. Lamprini was like my planning spirit animal, providing excellent recommendations and arranging last minute reservations and tours. Mr. Panos didn’t want us to miss out on experiencing the Red Beach and personally drove us so we wouldn’t have to pay for a taxi. They were so solicitous that they even called the restaurant we went to for dinner to ensure we had a ride home!



Adelante 88
Address: Akrotiri, Thira 847 00, Greece
Phone: +30 2286 085495