6 Cozy Room Decor Ideas To Update The Home For Fall

October 21, 2020

cozy room decor

Since we’re going to be confined to the indoors for the foreseeable future, why not take the opportunity to bring your cozy room decor to the next level? 

Usually at this time of the year, I escape to warmer pastures to distract myself from the inevitable reality that winter is coming. Thanks to the pandemic, I don’t have the luxury of indulging my wanderlust so I’m trying to find comfort where I can — food, feel-good movies, QT with loved ones, etc… 

Unfortunately, there’s only so much “comforting” the waistband on my pants can take before muumuus dominate my closet…so I sought ways to comfort myself that was fattening less. I ended up re-routing money that otherwise would’ve been spent on airfare, to purchasing home decor items that would elevate my space to the ultimate comfort level.


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 Here are 6 cozy room decor items I’ve picked up to upgrade my WFH experience to maximum comfort levels this fall:

cozy room decor

Plush, piled and tasselled, I found the throw pillow of my dreams at H&M Home of all places. I bought the 20×20 cushion covers in light beige for my bed and was so impressed by the high quality weave that I also picked up a 24×16 one for the couch in the living room. The style transports me directly to Morocco, sitting cross-legged and sipping tea in an intricately tiled riadSigh.  

Speaking of Morocco, after a long day of working from home, put your feet up on a leather Moroccan pouf that’s not only comfortable but adds an exotic flair to your home decor. I found a handmade pouf in tan brown goat leather with white stitching that arrives unstuffed. Instead of purchasing the filling, I use it to indulge my inner hoarder and store clothes that I’m not ready to declutter. 

cozy room decor

I’ve recently discovered the transformative powers of a good rug. The shag area rug by Mercury Row that I picked up for my bedroom has an elegant geometric pattern and a long pile that is a joy to tread on barefoot. I also snagged an oriental rug by Mistana that adds a coziness factor to the living room, lending chill boho vibes and tying the blues from the surround home decor together.

You can fill your shelves with little succulents and trail pothos from hanging planters from the ceiling, but how can you give your more sizeable plant babies a lift? This minimalist plant stands is adjustable to cradle an 8″ to 12” pot, raising your larger plants off the floor to make a grander statement while adding some vintage flair to your home decor.  

cozy room decor

Winter is coming….and cozy home decor items that are woven from natural materials, like rattan and straw, will add much needed warmth to spaces to chase away the chill. Store blankets or hide controllers and errant wires in this tall, round woven basket with a lid from Zara Home. It’s both decorative AND practical and will keep your space from looking cluttered.

What makes hunkering down on the couch in your pjs to revel in all the reality tv drama of a new season of The Bachelorette even better? A fuzzy throw blanket. Whether it’s a luxe faux fur, textured waffle weave or an oh-so touchable chenille, bring your tv binging game to the next level by wrapping yourself up — burrito-style — in a cozy cloud of a blanket.  

1. Cushion Covers with Tassels $29.99, H&M Home / 2. Handmade Leather Footstool, $78.82, maisonmarrakech (via Amazon) / 3. Peraza Geometric White Area Rug, $194.99, Mercury Row / Elson Oriental Navy Rug 6’7″ x 9′, $295.99, Mistana / 4. Plant Stand, $40.97, Uppwell (via Amazon) / 5. Round Basket with Lid, $109-$139, Zara Home / 6. Luxe Chenille Throws$94.50-$269, West Elm

This year has been all about comfort — comfort food, comfortable clothes, comforting movies …⁠I don’t even remember what wearing a shoe with a heel feels like anymore and I’m not mad about it. ⁠With the state of comfort that my home is in right now, I doubt I’ll want to leave me confinement even when I’m able to.

Now it’s time to move on to turning your bedroom into an oasis because what’s more important than getting a good night’s sleep?

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